OUT NOW! Carsten Sommer vs. Claas Reimer – Collaborations Volume 2 (CLSRM 021)

Carsten Sommer and Claas Reimer proudly present 8 new multi-faceted electronic collaborations on their second album. Stylistically ranging from cinematic electronica to dub, trip-hop and dubstep to breaks and drum & bass, always with a unique touch. Lars Leonhard rounds off the release with a beautifully flowing, spacy and dubby remix.

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Carsten Sommer vs. Claas Reimer – Collaborations Volume 2

Feedback so far

Excellent and versatile album. I love the opener Soft Shell and also the wonderful Lars Leonhard Remix is awesome, the acid line in Roadtrip makes the track perfect, and finally I also love the deepness of Stargate that teleports me into Space(Night), well done guys!

Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers, Aural Float, HR3 Space Night)

Amazing Journey here! Great work, love it! The Right Time work also good for my sets!

Borka & The Gang (Heideton Records, Cocoon Recordings)

Another great collaboration album following the first one equally interesting! Many styles and tempos but same quality work! Big ups guys! I love the trip hop tracks at the moment but I will listen and enjoy the whole release a lot!

Deeply Unexpected (Deep Garnet Records, Ricochet Records)

Great work, loving the ambient side and the whole album.

The Element (Diesel Recordings, Drakkar Recordings, E.recordings)

Some really nice tracks here. The Liquid Funk vibe of Let Love Guide You is my personal fav, Road Trip and The Right Time are also superb!!

Pale Penguin (Mecanoplastica Records, Diablo Loco Records, Deep Garnet Records, The Scientifics)

Nice tracks there, I like the dubby stuff. My favorites are Soft Shell & Inverse and I like both versions of the tracks.

Tomas Szabo (Sabiani, Digital Paradox Records, Deep Garnet Records)

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