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Borka FM

Boris Graus tracks and remixes regularly rank first on the Beatport top charts, get reviews from DJ Mag (Spain), FAZE Mag (Germany), DMC World Magazine (UK), Best Breaks Producer 2018 – on Breaks Review Show (BBZ.RU), as well as significant support from Sven Väth, Timo Maas, Maceo Plex, Oliver Koletzki, Dubfire, Claude VonStroke, Vanilla Ace, Oliver Schories, Robert Babicz, Betoko, Djuma Sound System, Tripswitch, Just Her, Lady Waks, Way Out West and many others. He is releasing dozens of releases on well-known labels, including Cocoon, Light My Fire, der turnbeutel, SOSO, trndmsk, Heideton, 83, Kiosek, Ego Shot, Selecta Breaks, VIM Records and others.

Borka FM on Soundcloud

Carsten Sommer (Former: Carsten Keller)

Since middle of the 90s Carsten Sommer is musician and composer for electronic music. With the German-singing Electro band “garbo” he released the EP “laut sprecher” in 2002. 2005 the EP “coverworks” was following under his synonyme “T.O.N” on his own imprint schaltkreis which is also well known by the releases of chaos:digital and urban electronic poetry. In 2013 Carsten Sommer released the extraordinary EP “Smoky Air” on CLSRM Digital and the album „Terra Nova“ on Tinnitus Hörspiele. Also he is currently working on his new band project Juno Lux.

From 2004 he is composing music for many commercial audio-visual media projects, working for brands like Puma, Daimler, The German Cancer Association, Sebastian, Vidal SASSOON, Novartis und many others. With the dance theatre production “Pop Eye” he won the dance price of the “SK Foundation” from Cologne.

Christopher Lawson

Christopher Lawson is deeply digging the genres Tech House, Minimal and Techno.

He has released a lot of tracks and remixes e.g. for Sebastian Lomar, Ben Weber and Maurice Deek as Christopher Lawson and the project Du & Ich on Audio Safari, ADSR Records, Starcake Records, Code2 Records, HiFi Stories, Wasabi Recordings, Mad Music Recordings, 2sidemuzik, Not-Equal Records and much more, tbc…

You will find him also on many different compilations e.g. from Budenzauber, Erijo, High Profile Recordings, Tretmuehle etc. beside other well known artists.

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „Addicted“ to rework it and turned it into a bold and dark Techno track.

Claas Reimer

The sound of Claas Reimer from Düsseldorf is inspired by Science Fiction, jazzy influences and groovy beats. At the same time his electronic style is stilistically flexible from filigree minimal up to energetic rave sound.

Back in the early 90ies he released on No Respect Records, Virtual Recordings and Important Records. This was leading to plays in Sets from Steve Mason, Sven Väth und Pascal Feos as well as licenses to several successful compilations.

During the time releases from different projects and remixes have been added on Basstard Records, V.I.M. Records, Primal Mood Music, Mad Music Recordings, Scrambled Recordings, Budenzauber, Tech You Very Much! and Achtung Schäääpat. Since 2011 he is also running his own imprint CLSRM Digital.

Additional to that two tracks have been placed in the german movie “Freier Fall” which was released as one starter at the Berlinale in 2013. Also his music appears in spots and films from brands and institutions like Vidal Sasson and the Right Livelihood Award.

Deeply Unexpected

Dimitris Papadimitriou grew up in the 90’s painting graffiti while listening to electronic music and studied in the polytechnic while experimenting with music production. Today he works as a monument restoration engineer and he is engaged in any form of art that interests him, being a true art lover. His love for musical atmospheres and desire to share them were first expressed at the beginning of the millennium under the artistic name Deeply Unexpected. The collection of sounds and his creative mood led him to make his own tracks and sets of different styles, with first officially completed works and presentations in the 10’s blending ambient soundscapes, downtempo, electronica, prog tech, broken beats, breaks and a dash of experimentalism with a unique and tasteful way creating a pure and floating atmospheric sound that easily reflects his own quality flavor and taste.

Together with Spinnet they run the dub techno electronica project Space Scavengers while together with Oxya / Genuss they co-piloting Captain’s Capcom. Also he has collaborated with Human Boot Project, Mr.Killen, Andyage, Mighty Boogie, Eva Gallo, Eyecam, Prato, Kerf, Borka FM, Claas Reiemer and Dusty Shape and he is always looking for new experimentations. His dj sets, live performances and radio shows include ambient, modern classical, electronica, downtempo, dub, techno, freestyle beats, electronic breakbeat and breaks, which were hosted so far at the gardens of AUTH, NSB Radio, Setup Venue, Coo, Elvis, Lampateria Festival, It The Place, Fragile, Ypsilon, Urania, Palia Agora, Paranoise Radio, Hlektron and To Pikap Radio. Although his musical expectations have never been clear, the fact that this text is being written today remains deeply unexpected.

Deeply Unexpected on Soundloud

Derek (D.) Hasty

It needs not be written that one is influenced by the environment from which they stem, although it rings true once again for Hasty. Born into a family of musicians and creators alike, the music bug buried itself in his mind at an early age. From the very first piano lesson as a child, to creating monophonic ringtones for early 21st century mobile phones, being raised on the cusp of the millennial generation provoked Hasty’s skill set to grow comfortably with the technology enveloping it.

With no formal musical education, Hasty moves forward with his music production as a lesson, an adventure, and a challenge. Striving to create boundless music that cannot be pretentiously strewn about into genres and categories, he draws from experience and inspiration. Warm, deep bass tones circa the Miami Bass Movement in the 90’s. Uplifting, euphoric melodies inspired by the classic Trance sound that eventually enticed Hasty into all things DJ. It’s clear that this man’s taste and style is vast, from the 808 snared-hiphop beats, to the chunky-funky classic house vibes. “Do what you love, love what you do.”

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „Gently Squeezed“ to rework it in a cosy melodic way.


Katja, born 1995 in Italy is a half italian-half polish singer, currently based in Milan. Her singing is characterized by a warm, deep voice. Since childhood she has been collecting musical experience through various bands and projects. She started early writing songs with a focus on electronics and is collaborating with different producers.

Kellie Sakkaku

Kellie Sakkaku is the project of Mr.Lookman and Pale Penguin. Long time friends and partners in various projects, both of them are well known producers and djs in the Greek electronic scence for more than 20 years now. They’ve been produced together as The Scientifcs (Nu-Skool Breaks), Nycteus (Bassline, Future Garage) and Mr.Lookman & Pale Penguin (Afro-Tek). Since early 2017 they’ve formed the project Kellie Sakkaku and release hypnotic electronic World and Afro-Tek music. They’ve got many releases for labels like Shango Records, Lump Records, Dreams Way Records, Zolotaya Orda Records, Tropical Twista Records, Garasadah Records, Kosa Records, Devagar Music and Wayu Records. Their music combines electronic and world traditional elements from Africa, Epirus and India with a hypnotic minimalistic rollin groove.

Kellie Sakkaku on Soundloud

Lars Leonhard

His strong liking for electronic music led him to explore the realms of ambient, dub-techno and deep-house and in 2010 he signed with BineMusic on which he released two full albums 1549 and Seasons – Les Quatre Saisons, a 12″ vinyl EP called No Comment and featured on one their compilations. Followed a vinyl release on DimbiDeep and several collaborations.

The American Space Agency NASA spotted Lars in 2013 on Youtube and is currently illustrating its scientific explorations videos with his compositions. Following his participation to Mahiane’s Oxycanta III compilation, Lars Leonhard is working on the release of two digital EPs on Ultimae. For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „District 9“ to rework it in his own relaxed style. He also created a fantastic remix of Carsten Kellers “Metaphorik” in 2017.

Lauro Martins

Born in Brazil and raised in California, Lauro Martins was introduced to music at a very young age. Having a father who was a DJ himself gave Lauro access to hundreds of genres of music to listen to and learn about. Playing his first Trance party at the age of 17 in brazil gave him the confidence to follow his heart in the Electronic Music scene of that time.

Now in his late 20’s his love is for House Music, producing Quality Deep and Tech House tracks with a lot of Latin and African inspiration, releasing on Locked Records, Arch44 Music, WTF! Music, Mad Music Recordings and many others.

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „Dreamz“ to rework it. He slowed down the tempo and added his own very deep and minimalistic groove to it.

Max Würden

Max Würden is a drummer with a passion to play everything which is generating sounds. Since 1987 he is a musician in different formations and composing music for movies since 2001. His tracks consist for nearly 80 % of outdoor recorded samples or samples from sessions with different instruments which he edits electronically. He always leaves the sound to the structure of a song, from the rhythm of which the melody forms, thus creating films for the head and for the screen.

He has already released several tracks and albums on labels such as Kompakt Records, Farfield Records, Tonatome, Circuit and Tinnitus Hörspiele. Additional he created works for the Filmhaus Cologne, Nindo Films, ARD, WDR, Toshiba Germany, General Electric, Edition Roadhouse and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).

In 2008 he won the 1live PLAN B radio play competition with LUCID DREAMS and the PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD 2010 / Best music in a short film / Nominated with the soundtrack to the short film BLUFF / CHRISTIAN FISCHER.

For CLSRM Digital he remixed Carsten Kellers track “Radiant feat. Katja” from the release “Totemic”.

Mr. Lookman

Panagiotis „Mr. Lookman“ Loukoumas comes with pure class Tech full of emotion and intelligence. He has already released some killer singles and remixes for labels like V.I.M. Records, Escada, Candyflip, Klik, Drag n’ Drop, Neovinyl records and Mad Music Recordings.

He is also one of the members of INFO – the downtempo/electronica project together with the well known greek DJ and producer Echonomist and the voice of Despoina Terzidou. They have already released two full CD albums and did many quality remixes as well as contributed tracks to a lot of compilations. Additional their tracks have been remixed by artists like Subsonic Park (Gabriel Le Mar and Tim Azary), Nikko Patrelakis and Biodub.

Beside that he is running the Tech-Breaks project The Scientifics together with Economist and Pale Penguin (DJ and Label owner of V.I.M. Records and Diablo Loco Records), the Tech-House project Bombero y Chica as well as his newest project Nycteus also with Pale Penguin.

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „Nightshift“ to rework it and created a really stunning straight and moving forward Tech House tune.


Some things are giving birth into the deep, wild, endless warmth of darkness. Nycteus was born in darkness, managed to survive where others can’t, fed with exotica flavoured insects and tropical dark flowers, obey into the power of night, became slaves of the hungry monster.

Nycteus came out from your wildest dreams, live with darkish Bassline grooves and play whenever is dark enough. Their first releases are out on VIM Records and there is more to come.

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project they have chosen the track „Rainforest“ to rework it and turned it into an experimental Electro Breaks bomb. Also they remixed “Solar Eclipse” from the release “Totemic” by Carsten Keller.


Being a singer, harmonica-, guitar- and bass-player in a couple of blues, rock and country bands for as long as he thinks, pEQy started to work his way into the field of electronical music just a couple of years back. Since 2015 you will find him mostly on tour with the Swinging Rockabilly Band “The Wyatt Christmas Five”.

His musical quest starts just there: „I might be impressed of something someone does. But if it doesn’t drive me emotionally it remains just a show off or simply pure math – not music“.

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „The Grinch“ to rework it in his own relaxed style and gave it his personal melodic note by adding some smoove strings and a laidback arrangement.



Sabiani grew closer with electronic music in the year 1999 in Switzerland, where he bought his first Yamaha synthetizer. In the following years, he started to collaborate with DJs Fero and Fedor, which actually meant the genesis of Wattaz promotion. Wattaz promotion organized number of various parties and the famous Slovak openair festival Rotor is their work too. Sabiani plays everything from house, electro, breakbeat to progressive psytrance.

Nowadays, the variety of his records is quite uniqe. Therefore he is able to present sets, which are very rich in sound. If you like a progessive cybersound, youre going to love his performance. The greatest kick of this young man though is his own production. He is the author of some well made tracks released on several labels. His own music label, Digital Paradox records is the result of this.

Sabiani on Soundcloud

Scott Orlans

Raised on the burgeoning late 90s S Florida rave scene, transplanted in the 2000s to the thriving underground of Los Angeles, Scott Orlans is a fan first, a perspective that shines through in his music. Obsessed with infectious grooves, the dancefloor is his main priority. In fact, you can always catch him on the other side of the booth too.

A proponent of Deep and Tech House, his remixes include Terrence Parker, Sebastian Lomar, Christopher Lawson, and Frederick Klein, with releases on Mad Music Recordings, Budenzauber, City Life, Grooved Music and many others.

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „Pick up“ to rework it in his own funky and deep way.

Sebastian Lomar

As you still can hear his style nowadays is based on his roots of vinyl house sound in the mid 90ies. Sebastian Lomar loves pure underground dance music in different variations. Since his start in 1998 he had DJ gigs with Daniel Steinberg, Terrence Parker, John Lagora, Harry Axt, Sidney Charles, Beatamines, Martinin Broes, Pig & Dan, Mario Aureo, Andy Kohlmann, Ryan Dupree, Santé, Ahmet Sismann, Ingo Boss, Kollektiv Ost, Nils Ohrmann…

In 2008 he founded his own label Mad Music Recordings delivering House, Techhouse and Techno with great artists like Terrence Parker, Scott Orlans, Lauro Martins, Skeet, Sebastian Phillip, Frederick Klein, Bombero y Chica, Christopher-Lawson, Thomas Jung and Claas Reimer.

Beside that he is continously releasing on several international labels: Vainglory Rec. – Canada, Nachtexpress Rec. – Germany, Arch44 Music – U.K., BeatControlRec. – Brazil, Locked Records – Belgium, 4Club Records – Germany, Momentum League – Germany, Tretmühle – Germany, Doppelgänger – Germany, Scrambled Recordings – Germany, Budenzauber – Germany, Mad Music Recordings – Germany…

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „Physical reaction“ to rework it in a more oldskool way of House/Tech House.


Hailing from Magdeburg, Germany Stromlinie stands for high quality and soulful electronic music in many different directions from Ambient and Downbeat to Breaks to Drum & Bass. Already with releases on labels as Break Wind Productions, Deep Garnet Records, Diesel Recordings, Digital Paradox Records, Kiosek Records, Mecanoplastica Records, Morphosis Records, VIM Records,…

Stromlinie on Soundcloud

The Element

Laurent Humblot is a french producer that works his music under his The Element moniker. Originals and remixes released on Base Industry Records, Elliptical Sun Recordings, Diesel Recordings, Deep Garnet Records and Funklab Records. Together with Steve Fastbinder he is running the Label Drakkar Recordings as well as his own imprint E.recordings.

The Element on Soundcloud

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