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2005 – 2010

1992 – 1995

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More projects:

Max Peak
Flaming Bess


Rotkompot (Düsseldorf), Raum 02 (Düsseldorf), ZAKK! (Düsseldorf), Tanzhaus NRW (Düsseldorf), Hafenlichtspiele (Düsseldorf), Ultrafunk (Koblenz), K 20 (Düsseldorf), Harpune (Düsseldorf), FFT Kammerspiele (Düsseldorf), U-Club (Wuppertal), Soundroom (Düsseldorf), Anaconda Lounge (Düsseldorf), Index (Weilerswist), Planet (Bochum), Wonderland (Oberhausen), Genetic Garden (Bochum), House Nation (Bochum) …


Claas Reimer – Resonance (CLSRM Digital, 2018), Max Peak & Nycteus – Long Distance (VIM Records, 2017), Max Peak – Pistolero / How was your day? (Kindcrime Recordings, 2016), Max Peak – Snowball (VIM Records, 2016), Claas Reimer – Autopilot (CLSRM Digital, 2016), Max Peak – Deep breath (Deep Garnet Records, 2015), Various Artists – CLSRM Digital R3MIX3D (Compilation, CLSRM Digital, 2015), Claas Reimer – Addicted (CLSRM Digital, 2013), Flaming Bess – Der gefallene Stern (CD, Arkana Multimedia, 2013), Claas Reimer – Plusquam (Mad Music Recordings, 2012), Claas Reimer – Overload (CLSRM Digital, 2012), Claas Reimer – Dreamz (CLSRM Digital, 2012), Claas Reimer & Syncro 69 – Moon Pong Babylon (V.I.M. Records, 2011), Claas Reimer – Nevermind (CLSRM Digital, 2011), Claas Reimer – Get you / Hijack (V.I.M. Records, 2011), Claas Reimer feat. Sara England – WhatDub (V.I.M. Records, 2010), Claas Reimer – Force (V.I.M. Records, 2010), Claas Reimer – SwingFan EP (V.I.M. Records, 2009), WI:RE – Bionicle EP (V.I.M. Records, 2009), Claas Reimer feat. Artie Q – Psycho delight (Primal Mood Music, 2009), WI:RE – WI:RE EP (V.I.M. Records, 2008), Claas Reimer – Bad Ass E.P. (Maxi, Basstard Records, 2006), Flaming Bess – Finstere Sonne / Black sun (2 CD, Arkana Multimedia, 2005), Claas Reimer – Up 2 full speed (Maxi, Important Records, 1995), Amphasis – Hooka (Maxi, Virtual Recordings, 1994), Reagenzclaas – Haus Waldesruh (Maxi, No Respect Edition ODD, 1994), Amphasis – Phosphobie (Maxi, Virtual Recordings, 1993), Claas 1 – Tiefseetaucher (Maxi, No Respect Records, 1992)

AC1TZ – Moonrise (Claas Reimer Remix, Mecanoplastica Records, 2018), Carsten Keller – Totemic (CLSRM Digital, 2017), Deeply Unexpected & Mr. Killen – Spartan Slang (Claas Reimer Remix, VIM Records, 2016), Mr. Killen – The red line (Max Peak Remix, Deep Garnet Records, 2015), Scott Orlans – Whatever man (Claas Reimer Remix, Mad Music Records, 2014), Carsten Keller – The sound of you (Max Peak Remix, Tinnitus Hörspiele, 2013), Artie Q – Chain (Max Peak Remix, 2013), Bombero Y Chica – Mud Lust (Claas Reimer Remix, Mad Music Recordings, 2013), Carsten Keller – Smoky Air (Claas Reimer Remix, CLSRM Digital, 2013), Terrence Parker – Gift of Goodbye (Claas Reimer Remix, Mad Music Rec., 2013), Necro – Sleepwalker (Max Peak Remix, V.I.M. Records, 2013), Scott Orlans – Last laugh (Claas Reimer Remix, Mad Music Rec., 2012), The Sloppy 5ths – Down Goes Frazier (Claas Reimer Remix, Diablo Loco Rec., 2012), Klein & Lomar – Acid Talk (Claas Reimer Remix, Mad Music Rec., 2011), Lee Bass – Bassline Era (Claas Reimer Remix, Achtung Schäääpat Rec., 2011), Mike Golden – Never been to Kalifornia (Claas Reimer Remix, V.I.M. Records, 2010), Syncro 69 – Rev the bass (WI:RE rmx, 2009), Artie Q – Beautiful Monster (Claas Reimer Treatment, 2008), Flaming Bess – Wächter des Lichts (Album, Arkana Multimedia, 2008), Flaming Bess – Der Verhüllte (WI:RE RMX, Arkana Multimedia, 2008), The Scientifics – Kick ass bells (Claas Reimer Remix, V.I.M. Records, 2007), UEP – Feuer und Eis (Claas Reimer Remix, Schaltkreis, 2006)

Appearances on Compilations
For The Love Of Geisha (Mecanoplastica Records), Advanced Minimal (Complex Textures), Acid Flashback, Vol. 3 (Groovematics), The Real Tech House (Complex Textures), Electrologic Derivates (Complex Textures), To Jack Or Not To Jack? (Colore), Breakbeat Garage Vol. 3 (Fame Game), Chill Down (Good Vibes Only), Back to Basics, Vol. 1 (Erijo), Return to Paradise 8 (VIM Records), Deepest Tunes Worldwide (Erijo), Selected Works Vol. 2 (CLSRM Digital), Selected Works Vol. 1 (CLSRM Digital), Welcome Darkness 2 – The Remixes (VIM Records), Welcome Darkness 2 (VIM Records), The Dolfins And The Sharks (Deep Garnet Records, 2016), CLSRM Digital R3MIX3D (CLSRM Digital), Connect – Disonnect, Vol. 7 (Doppelgaenger), The Tech that built the House Vol. 4 (Scrambled Recordings), Electripped Folks 11 (Budenzauber), Vivid Colors, Vol. 3 (High Pro-File Recordings), Kaffefahrt #7 (Budenzauber), Natural Electronical (Tech You Very Much!), Solanaceous Society 5 (Doppelgaenger), Secret Weapons Vol. 1 (VIM Records), WE LOVE (Mad Music Recordings), NeoHouse Vol. 6 (Scrambled Recordings), 100 LIGHTS AWAY FROM HOME (VIM Records), Dig the nu breed Vol. 3 (VIM Records), Dig the nu breed (VIM Records), Radio Lunatica Z2 (VIM Records), Retro Arena Top 100 Vol. 3 ‎(4xCD, Comp, Mostiko), Ultimate Hard Trance Vol. 1 (No Respect Records), Ultimate Hard Trance Vol. 2 (No Respect Records), 100% Underground (Raum Records), Virtual Label Compilation – 1st Issue (Virtual Recordings), Welcome To Technology Vol. 9, Best Of No Respect Records (No Respect Records), The Spirit Of The Underground (Zyx), The Return Of The New Culture (No Respect Records), Trance Sylvania 6: A Phunky Goa Trip, Distance To Happy Trance – The Energizer (Distance), Hellraiser – The Immortal Cosmos (Immortal Sound Production)

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