OUT NOW! Claas Reimer – Travel Guide (Album, CLSRM 015)

Beside electronic club music Claas Reimer always has been inspired by genres like Lounge, Dub, Downbeat, Funk, Electronica as well as artists like Alter Ego / Sensorama, Jean Michel Jarre, Thievery Corporation, LTJ Bukem, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Fat Freddys Drop, Massive Attack, Hardfloor / Dadamnphreaknoizephunk, just to name a few examples.

Last but not least the german Krautrock band Flaming Bess (founded in 1969) which he has worked with for 3 albums, have deeply influenced his way of creating and feeling music.

Travel Guide contains 12 tracks full of musical impressions more or less far away from his original roots – but as always also with a minimal approach as well.

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Feedback so far

Superb piece of work mate. likin the different styles on it. Exotic Food, Mystery Island, Plastic Surgery and Yoga are my faves, especially the first two are totally great.

Pale Penguin (Mecanoplastica Records, Diablo Loco Records, Deep Garnet Records, The Scientifics)

Artistry!! Deep, dark and yet chilling and relaxing feel all over. I will support it for sure!!!

Bassica (Diesel Recordings, Nubreaks Radio)

Beautiful lounge dubby with ambient elements work. Excellent trip hop beats with summer vibes. Acid elements with some old school vibes gives a cool blend! Good job Claas. Thanks for the promo!

Panos Loukoumas (Mr. Lookman, Kellie Sakkaku)

Enjoying the fresh sounds and tropical chill direction of this album, can hear the depth of influences and styles. Thanks for sharing

Neil Gray (Perpetual Present)

Excellent and versatile album, brilliant trip into sound(s).

Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers, Aural Float, HR3 Space Night)

This is great mate! Proper chill out music and laidback breaks! Had a quick listen now but taking it with me in the car for this weekend’s driving soundtrack! Thank you!

Deeply Unexpected (Deep Garnet Records, Ricochet Records)

Amazing LP, quality broken stuff. Some tracks reminds me on stuff i produced in the early 00’s, but on the next level. In all very deep und intelligent works! Full support for this! Faves are Narrow Path, Plastic Surrgery, Touring, Backpacker <3<3<3

Borka & The Gang

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