OUT NOW! Carsten Sommer aka Carsten Keller – Collected (CLSRM 013)

Carsten Sommer (former name Carsten Keller) is musician and composer for electronic (pop) music since middle of the 90s. He released also under aliases as Garbo, T.O.N and Juno Lux on his own imprint Schaltkreis which you might know by the releases of chaos:digital and urban electronic poetry.

Also he composed music for many commercial audio-visual media projects, working for brands like Puma, Daimler, The German Cancer Association, Sebastian, Vidal SASSOON, Novartis und many others. With the dance theatre production „Pop Eye“ he won the dance price of the „SK Foundation“ from Cologne.

On CLSRM Digital, he has already published two EPs under his own name, enriched with remixes e.g. by NASA video sound supplier Lars Leonard and compact artist Max Würden. In 2019, a collection of collaborations with label owner Claas Reimer joined as well as live recordings. Collected contains a selection of 13 tracks from all of these releases combined as an album.

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