OUT NOW: Claas Reimer – Dreamz (CLSRM Digital 002)

Dreamz is a small artist album showing a range from stompers for the club as well as some deeper stuff right for starting your day or relaxing after work. Once again Claas Reimer is combining Oldskool and Nuskool skills and building his special kind of atmospheric soundscapes for your pleasure.

Dreamz (8:07)
A piece of atmospherical and rolling Tech House.
Stomp (8:00)
Peaktime techno track with sawtooth basslines and mystic melodies.
The Grinch (7:05)
Starting your day with a minimal, deep and driving track.
Rise (5:15)
Good temper Tech House for your pool party in summer.
Autumn (4:25)
A dubby Future Garage track with an electronical touch.
Gamez – Bonus Track (4:08)
Sit back and relax surrounded by smoove beats, sweet harmonies and cosy basses.