OUT NOW! Kayshan – Spectral Symetry (Mecanoplastica Records)

A stunning release made by Kayshan baked with an amazing remix by Max Peak. If you like your Breaks rolling with a huge bassline and dark sounds you going to love it!

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Kayshan – Spectral Synergy (Mecanoplastica Records)

Some collected feedback

Feeling this one for sure. Tech Funk updated for the 20s. –P

Prato (Diesel Recordings, Nipponeer Records, Toast & Jam Recordings, Old Skool Records, Wildfire Recordings)

Thanks for the promo, here is my short review: Another new single from Mecanoplastica, and it’s a nice one too! I like both versions, but I think the Max Peak remix will better fit into my sets. The energy and groove in that remix align with my vibe. Looking forward to playing it out!

Sabiani (Digital Paradox Records, Mecanoplastica Records, Deep Garnet Records)

Excellent work as characterized by the great Kayshan! And a remix to match. Great reference Pale. Greetings

Kunai (Mecanoplastica Records, Audiogore Records, Neuro Breaks Records)

This has to be one of the best break releases I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a great original and remix.

Audio Dropout (Mecanoplastica Records)

The label specialized in quality Tech Breaks, Mecanoplastica Records is back with a stunning release made by Kayshan backed with an amazing remix by Max Peak. If you like your Breaks rolling with a huge bassline and dark sounds you going to love it. Job very well done warriors

Fastbinder (Drakkar Records, Nsb Radio)

WOW!!! The original is something special. This is Kayshan at his absolute best. Up there with Angel Fire for me.
Still in shock =-0 What a tune?!?!? 9/10 (first time I’ve ever given that score)
Max Peak remix…
This is decent too. Very creative. A very worthy remix of a future classic. 8/10
I feel sorry for anyone who has to follow this release…. oh… wait?!? :/ lol
Will be playing the arse out of this for some time to come!
Many thanks

Hatstandy (Deep Garnet Records, Diesel Recordings, Diablo Loco Records, Mecanoplastica Records)

Another banging tune by mr. of bbs Kayshan ..!! Strong tune with powerful beat and bass and catching melody. Dope vox cuts and all how we like it .. !! Max peak remix is also very good and little bit dopeness for me and i very much like both of the mixes .. Big ups and thanxxx guys !! 100% support and play ..

Electrom (Diesel Recordings, Breaks Sk Records, NSB Radio)

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