OUT NOW! Deeply Unexpected vs. Max Peak – Dark Forces (Mecanoplastica Records)

Greek quality producer Deeply Unexpected join forces with great german producer Max Peak in order to produce a stunning acidic Tech-Breaks original track.

On the remix duties Spanish Breaks wizard Jiro compliments the package with a top quality remix.

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Feedback so far

Wow! Absolute banger by Dimitris and Claas. Love every element in this track! Futuristic, deep, peak time. Full support, thanks for sending. Much love.

Borka FM (Rune Recordings, Mecanoplastica Records, Deep Garnet Records)

Nice little acid roller the original, interesting rhythms and elements from start to finish. Jiro brings the heavy bass and low groove on the remix.

Perpetual Present (Diesel Recordings, Mecanoplastica Records)

This single is dope, I really like the original version. Good job Dimitris and Claas! Jiros remix is also nice, more deep and minimal, works good as DJ tool.

Sabiani (Digital Paradox Records, Mecanoplastica Records, Deep Garnet Records)

Bangers! Jiro remix is the pick of the ep for me, more driving bassline mix.

Audio Dropout (Mecanoplastica Records)

Epic release bro, Claas told me he did something with deeply and now i hear the result, amazing tune, so is the remix, both are boooyaacaaaaa.

Steve Fastbinder (Drakkar Records, NSB Radio)

I enjoy pretty much the classic sound and the aicd-touch of the original track – reminding me of the classic Adam Freeland sound. Proper! Huge hugs, keep’em coming.

DJ Clairvo (Breakbeat Paradise Records, Timewarp Music)

Jiro remix sounds awesome! The whole release sounds very good. Full support. Thank you for sending.

Bassica (Diesel Recordings, Nubreaks Radio)

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