OUT NOW! Welcome Darkess 2 – The Remixes

Various Artists – Welcome Darkness 2 – The Remixes (V.I.M. Records) Pale Penguin presents WELCOME DARKNESS 2: TECH-FUNK GROOVES THE REMIXES – a new episode in the highly acclaimed WELCOME DARKNESS compilation series.

These are the remixes for WELCOME DARKNESS 2 carefully selected and compilaed by Pale Penguin. Some great stuff covering a wide range of Tech-Funk, Tech-Breaks and Techno aesthetics by some of the top class names of the scene.

All involved artists: Resistor, DRKWTR, Pretty Legit, SONEK, BORKA FM, Kollier, Eric Mould, Bear Moss, Phase Animator, Mechanical Pressure, Isolate, Claas Reimer, Evilsound, Ed Steele, Mr.Killen, MKR, Nick Behrmann, Oneway, Perpetual Present, Soulforse, Slugware and Subshaka.

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